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Learn how to accurately portray and joyfully render your favorite pooch, feline or feathered friend in a fun atmosphere surrounded by fellow animal lovers! Demonstrations, group critiques and one-on-one help will be incorporated to achieve lively paintings.
This class is not for beginners.

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Please bring any acrylic paints that you have and you will want to have some earth tones as well if you would like to paint pets with natural colors. 
Titanium White (8.5 oz), Ultramarine Blue (4oz), Napthol Red Medium (or Cadmium Red) (4oz), and Primary Yellow are staple colors that you can mix to paint just about anything. However, if you would like the animals to look realistic, some additional colors will be needed for fur and skin tones. They are listed below:
Yellow Ochre (4oz), Burnt Umber (4oz), Raw Umber, Burnt Sienna (4 oz), Raw Sienna (4oz), Caput Mortem Violet or Alizarin Crimson (4oz), Cerulean Blue (4oz), Oxide or Mars Black (4oz)
Quinacridone Rose (4oz) and Sap Green  (4oz) are helpful extras 
I like Amsterdam Acrylics for its high pigment load and creamy consistency. But, you may use any brand you like. Here is a link to purchase Amsterdam Acrylics:
Please message any questions about paint colors and brands.
You will want a variety of brush sizes and shapes, with at least 2 different sizes of round and a fan brush or two is helpful. size 4 or 6 dagger and Filbert style brushes are great to have as well Old, frayed brushes are helpful for creating fur texture. It is nice to have a mix of both taklon (soft, synthetic) and natural hair or bristle brushes if you have them. 
Canvas- You will need to purchase 5 canvases and a pad of canvas paper for practicing on. 9 x 12 and or 12 x 16 are good sizes. You are welcome to go larger if you would like. 
Here is the link to the canvas paper pad:
You will also need a palette knife and a surface to mix paint on. I recommend the Stay-wet palette in size 12 x 16 and RGM brand palette knife in size 6. My Starter-Wet Palette keeps my paint wet for over a month!  I have added Amazon links to the recommended items below. 
If you have any questions about supplies, leave me a message on my Contact page.
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