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This class is for anyone who would like to learn how to paint with oils.  Students acquire an understanding of the fundamentals of composition, brushstrokes and color mixing. Through demonstrations, class discussion and individual help, students gain the confidence and skills they need to bring their paintings to the next level. And, most importantly, they have fun in the process!

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You will need to acquire paint, brushes, a palette knife, 5 canvases and a surface to mix on. There is information on the colors of oil paint we are going to use below. There are also recommendations for a palette knife and palette below. Supplies may be purchased from, or Michaels. Some items may also be available at Art and Frame of Sarasota. Please feel free to message me with any questions. 
We will be using the following oil paint colors: 
Titanium White  150 ml, Hansa Yellow Light 150 ml, Napthol Red  37 ml, Alizarin Crimson 37 ml, Ultramarine Blue 37 ml, Pthalocyanine Blue 37 ml, and Pthalocyanine Green 37 ml
There are several brands to choose from. I recommend the Gamblin brand oil paints which are a good value and are available at Michaels. Please acquire the artist grade version if possible. The Gamblin 1980 series or student grade paint will work, but it will produce duller colors and be more difficult to work with. 
You will need Gamblin solvent free liquid medium. It is also available at Michaels. It will help increase the flow of your paint.
For Brushes, I recommend natural bristle Simply Simmons Long Handle. The shapes and sizes are: Round size 0, and filbert's size 4,  size 6, size 10 and size 12. The link is below.
Canvas- You will need to purchase 5 canvases, size 9 x 12 or larger. I recommend purchasing an assortment of sizes and to have 1 9 x 12, 3 12 x 16 and 1 16 x 20. Canvases may be purchased at your local Michaels craft store as well. 
You will also need a palette knife and a surface to mix paint on. I recommend the Masterson's Grey Matters Palette Paper size 12 x 16 and and Liquitex Palette Knife in size 5.  I have added  links to the recommended items below. 
A nice item to have for transporting your paint is the Masterson's Palette Seal in size 12 x 16. 
 Here is a link:
If you have any questions about supplies, leave me a message on my Contact page.
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