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This class is for anyone who would like to learn how to paint. Acrylic paints are used to create artworks on canvas, from the very first step, to the final touch. Students acquire an understanding of the fundamentals of composition, brushstrokes and color mixing. Through demonstrations, class discussion and individual help, students gain the confidence and skills they need to bring their artwork to the next level. And, most importantly, they have fun in the process!

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***Class pages contain presentations from class and are not posted until the first day of class.*** 
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2023 Classes:

***ACE will provide students with all supplies needed for the first day of class. After the first day, you will need to acquire paint, brushes, a palette knife, at least 4 canvases and a surface to mix on. There is information on what acrylic paint we are going to use below. There are also recommendations for a palette knife and palette below. On the first day of class I will go into a more in-depth discussion on supplies. In the meantime, please feel free to message me with any questions.*** 
We will be using the following acrylic paint set as well as an additional color from another brand. Please purchase from both links below: 
This paint has a high pigment load which results in vibrant colors and is a great value! I am teaching the class according to the specific colors in both of those links. Please message me with any questions.
You will want a few different sizes and shapes of brushes and at least one filbert style brush. Here is a link to a good starter brush set I will be using:
Canvas- You will need to purchase 5 canvases and a pad of canvas paper for practicing on. I recommend purchasing an assortment of sizes and to have at least one small square 4x4,6x6 or 8x8, two 9 x 12, and two 11 x 14 or larger. ACE will provide you with a canvas on the first day of class. Canvases may be purchased at your local Michaels store, and they also have some great deals on Amazon and Brand is not super important for a starter set. Here is a link to a multipack of canvas on Amazon:
Here is the link to the canvas paper pad:
You will also need a palette knife and a surface to mix paint on. I recommend the Stay-wet palette in size 12 x16 and RGM brand palette knife in size 6. But you can also use foam plates and the plastic palette knives sold at Michaels if you prefer. I have added Amazon links to the recommended items below. 
A natural sponge is a fun add on that you may enjoy painting with. It is not required to get through the class, but I will occasionally use one in demonstrations. Below is a link to natural sponges on amazon. Local craft stores often sell them as well. 
If you have any questions about supplies, leave me a message on my Contact page.
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