Most items listed below may be found at your local Michaels craft store or for a lower price on The pencil sharpener that I like best may be ordered from If you are thinking of trying Michaels, you may want to call ahead. They have had some supply shortages recently.
- Least Expensive starter set: Prismacolor Premier 72 (or more) Pencil Set - Please do not order the Prismacolor pencils from Amazon, some sets are counterfeit and are of poor quality. You may find these in Michaels Craft Stores or 
- If you are able to spend a little more, the Faber Castell Polychromos (set of 120 or more) is an oil based colored pencil that is easier for fine details such as hairs and erases more easily. You may find these at Michaels Craft stores (if in stock) or 
- Prismacolor Colorless blender
- 9x12 or 11x14 Drawing Paper Pad ***I highly recommend going with a 184 lb or heavier paper weight. It is strong enough to hold up to using solvents without warping or fraying. The 11 x 14 Strathmore Mixed Media Pad in 184 lb is a great option*** Please message me with any questions. 
- Odorless Mineral Spirits and a Paint Brush for blending. 

- Pencil Sharpener: I highly recommend the AFMAT Long Point hand crank style pencil sharpener. You may order it on 
- #2 Pencil
- kneaded eraser
- 12" or 14" Ruler depending on the length of your paper pad

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